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Castaway Island K9 Splash
Broward County > Parks > Topeekeegee Yugnee Park > Castaway Island K9 Splash
November 2008 was the first time that T.Y. Park hosted a K9 splash event and the doggy patrons loved it! The new pool at T.Y. was especially popular as the dogs could swim and jump into the water. A few even dove head first into the pool!

The water parks are open to dogs only after the season for the humans has ended (which is the end of October). The level of chlorine is signifcantly reduced for the canines. Humans cannot swim with their furry children because the dogs do not know the rules about keeping the water sanitary. Once the doggy weekend is over, the water park is closed and completely cleaned for the new season which will begin in March.

In 2009, a park patron named Eric compiled this video of the event.

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The T.Y. pool was a big hit with the doggy swimmers
The T.Y. pool was a big hit with the doggy swimmers

The T.Y. pool was a big hit with the doggy swimmers
The Doggie Dinghies were donated for this event
Two dogs swimming

Some dogs preferred the kiddie pool area
Toys were provided by the parks and the dogs shared