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2009 Motorola Volunteers
Broward County > Parks > Get Involved > 2009 Motorola Volunteers

A group photo of the Motorola volunteers
Motorola volunteers pulling put invasive trees.

Motorola volunteers pulling put invasive trees.

Motorola volunteers pulling put invasive trees.

On October 14, 2009, 21 great volunteers came to  Markham Park for their annual Motorola Global Day of Service project.  They did so much work in our unseasonably hot weather that it was amazing. 

Park staff pitched in with the volunteers. Long Key staff dropped off shovels.  Tree Tops provided weed wrenches. A park naturalist switched her schedule and got muddier and wetter than anyone! Nursery staff loaded plants, hauled everything to the site.

These 21 people, including one woman who was seven months pregnant, accomplished the following:

  • planted 349 plants, including 20 seven-gallon trees.
  • sprayed 12 backpacks of weed killer. 
  • pulled more than 50 of the 10-foot-tall invasive trees with weed wrenches and shovels.

A special thank you goes to the Motorola employees who gave up a day of their time and plenty of perspiration in order to make our parks a better place for all of us.