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The Broward County Environmental Monitoring Laboratory has been analyzing the water quality of the primary and secondary canals for the past 38 years. The level of nutrients, bacteria, chlorophyll, and turbidity are checked at 44 sites throughout the County on a quarterly basis each year. This data has been used to prepare regulations to help protect as well as clean up our local water ways. 


Sampling Locations  

 View Large Map (PDF)

View Graphs and Download Data (1999 to 2011)

Site 1: Hillsboro Canal at US 1:   GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 2: Hillsboro Canal at Hillsboro Lock:   GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 3: Hillsboro Canal at U.S. 441:   GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx) 
Site 4:
Hillsboro Canal at Southeast Growers:   GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 5: C-14 / Pompano Canal Confluence at US1:   GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 6: Cypress Creek at Dixie Highway:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 7: Cypress Creek at South Palm Aire:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 8: Pompano Canal at U.S. 441:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 10: Middle River at East Sunrise Blvd:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 11: Middle River at NW 21st Avenue:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 12: Middle River at N.W. 31st Avenue:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 13: Middle River at Rock Island Road:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 14: Middle River at University Drive:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 15: New River Canal at Andrews Ave Bridge:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 16: North Fork New River at Broward Blvd:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 17: Plantation Canal at S-33:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 18: Plantation Canal at N.W. 9th Drive:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 19: South Fork New River Canal at River Reach Condo:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 20: North New River Canal at Bradford Marina:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 21: North New River at Sewell Lock:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 22: North New River at S.W. 125th Avenue:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 23: North New River east of U.S. 27:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 24: Dania  Cutoff Canal at US1:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 25: C-10 (Hollywood) Canal at Stirling Road Bridge:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 26: Dania Cutoff Canal at Ravenswood Road Bridge:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 27: South New River Canal west of S13:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 28: South New River Canal at Flamingo Road GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 29: South New River Canal at U.S. 27:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 31: Snake Creek Canal at Flamingo Road:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 32: Snake Creek Canal at U.S. 27:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 33: Intracoastal Waterway South of Hillsboro Blvd Bridge:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 34: Intracoastal Waterway 100' North of Marker 71:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 35: Intracoastal Waterway 100' North of NE 14th Street:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 36: Intracoastal Waterway 100' North of Commercial Blvd:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 37: Intracoastal Waterway 100' North of Sunrise Blvd:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 38: Intracoastal Waterway 100' North of 17th Street Causeway:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 39: Intracoastal Waterway 300' North of Marker 95:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 40: Intracoastal Waterway 100' North of Sheridan Street:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 41: Intracoastal Waterway 100' North of Hallandale Beach Blvd:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 47: Dania Cutoff Canal 200' West of Intracoastal Waterway:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 49: Hendricks Isle at Las Olas Bridge:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 64: North Fork New River at Sistrunk Blvd:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 89: Pompano Canal at Nob Hill Road:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 90: FPL Canal at South Fork New River:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 109: Pompano Canal at Rock Island Road:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 110: Old Pompano Canal at Dixie Highway:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 111: South Fork Middle River at NE 15th Avenue Bridge:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)
Site 112: North Fork Middle River at NE 16th Avenue Bridge:  GRAPHS (pdf)  -  DATA (xlsx)

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