easyPay clock
Preparation is underway for the first of five County agencies to “Go-Live” with easyPay, the new time and attendance system, on Sunday, April 13. These five agencies, with a combined 680 employees, are Aviation, County Administration, Finance and Administrative Services (Administration and  Payroll only) and Enterprise Technology Services. For information on when easyPay will be introduced to your agency, view the Go-Live Schedule, which is subject to change, on the easyPay website.

The April 13 launch is the first phase of a total of six-phase rollout that will conclude during the fourth quarter of this year. During this first “Go-Live” segment, the County’s current payroll system will run in parallel with the new easyPay system for two pay periods, April 13 – 26, (pay date May 2) and April 27 – May 10 (pay date May 16). During the “Go-Live” period, employees will continue to submit paper timesheets each pay period until advised to stop.

“By using both paper timesheets and time clocks/PC for two pay periods, we can verify paycheck accuracy and make sure payroll runs are successful,” said Rita McManus, payroll manager.

During each rollout, all of the affected employees will receive training based upon their job roles and responsibilities. Learning Center Registration will begin approximately 2-3 weeks prior to an agency’s “Go-Live” schedule. For Phase 1, parallel instructor-led sessions for supervisors and payroll liaisons are scheduled through April 10. All employees must participate in “Foundations” online training to learn about the new time and attendance system.

County Administrator Bertha Henry was first in line to enroll when Foundations became available to Phase 1 employees. Bertha described her experience with the Foundations tutorial as “straight forward and easy to understand. I am confident employees will find it very helpful and have a very positive learning experience. Staff did a great job putting together this online tutorial.”

Approximately one week prior to easyPay’s Phase I launch, hourly employees will be enrolled at a designated time clock by a representative from their agency. easyPay project Team members will be on hand to support the time clock enrollment process and employees will receive instructions on where to clock in and clock out. Each time clock has step-by-step instructions posted alongside it. There are 193 time clocks installed throughout County locations.

If you have questions about easyPay’s Go-Live schedule, email easyPay@broward.org or speak with your agency Payroll Liaison(s).