Avoid Tech Support Phone Scams

computer with lock and chain

Cybercriminals are not only using email messages and phony websites to harvest your personal information. These criminals are using the good, old-fashioned telephone to execute their scam.

One method that is often used to gain access to your personal computer is to masquerade as a technical support person from Microsoft. The caller will often direct you to a phone website (that looks legitimate) and trick you into downloading malicious software that can capture sensitive data. The software could also take over your computer to make it unusable or to make a part of a “BotNet” that sends out SPAM emails.

Microsoft, ETS Service Desk or any major computer organization would not make unsolicited calls relative to software fixes or to enhance the performance of your personal computer.

Do not trust unsolicited calls and never give out any personal information.

Contact the ETS Service Desk at 954-357-8600 or at etsservicedesk@broward.org if you require any additional information.